Kosher Wine

Sophisticated gourmands know that a meal is never complete without the perfect wine. Fortunately, there are many top ranking kosher selections, so kosher consumers can benefit from the best wines on the market.

Standard wine making techniques can be employed to make kosher wine, resulting in an abundance of superior wines available to kashrut observant wine drinkers. There are many boutique kosher wineries worldwide that produce excellent wines in all categories, even winning major awards, and the taste is undetectable from any type of non-kosher wine. Kosher wineries today produce exceptional wines that are full-bodied and aromatic.

What is Kosher Wine

Wine has particular status in the Jewish world. It is used to mark important events and commemorate sacred rituals such as Kiddush on Shabbat; the blessings recited under the chuppah, and the brit milah of a newborn baby boy. Wine accompanies us at our most joyous events in addition to any meal where we celebrate our lives.

The Best Certification

Kosher wine achieves its distinguished status when it is only handled by a strictly Shabbat observant Jew, and when it contains only kosher ingredients. Achieving kosher wine production of the highest caliber is highly doable today, so many exceptional wines are available in the kosher market. Since the ingredients used in wine are minimal and are plant-based, ensuring proper Kashrut goes as far as hiring proper supervisors to oversee the process. When supervising kosher wine, agents observe the wine-making process at all levels, ensuring kashrut that you can trust. Aroma’s wines are all certified by the most reliable Kashrut agencies in the US, Israel and worldwide.

A Wealth of Choices

Will that be Chardonnay, or is it Pinot Noir tonight? The array of kosher wines obtainable is astounding. From popular varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, to more elusive selections like Syrah and Petit Verdot, you can find the perfect accompaniment for any fine dinner.

Aroma Does it Best

Aroma Market features a vast selection of fine kosher wines to enhance your dinner, Shabbat or holiday table. Visit our full wine department to peruse and choose from an impressive array of whites, reds and rosés. All styles are represented, from the sweet, syrupy varieties that you remember from uncle Hymie’s seder, to the refined, dry types that can satisfy the most discriminating of palates. You’ll also find a complete range of prices, from simple eight dollar reds to smooth, one hundred dollar bottles. Plus, you’ll benefit from Aroma’s standard features – clean, beautiful aisles, friendly salespeople, and a superior consumer atmosphere.

The Consummate Sommelier, Happy to Extend Our Services

The sages say that there is no joyous event without meat and wine, and those who appreciate a fine glass readily agree. To find the appropriate pairing for your special occasion, our wine specialists can make recommendations. Our customers come from all over South Florida, including Broward, Dade, Collier and Palm Beach Counties, because shopping at Aroma is always a worthwhile experience.