Kosher Meat

Special occasions call for elaborate dishes. When you need just the right entrée for your celebration, Aroma Market’s butcher shop can supply the perfect centerpiece for your table. Looking for excellent quality kosher meat for an informal dinner? We can provide that, too.

Premium Cuts for Discerning Customers

Aroma has a vast selection of the highest quality kosher meats available in South Florida. Kosher meat has long since evolved from the customary brisket and flanken. More sophisticated palettes demand exceptional meat, and Aroma is proud to offer a superior line of meats freshly prepared in our butcher shop. Yes, you can duplicate that delectable steak you just devoured at the steakhouse, right in your own kitchen. Cuts previously available only to exclusive restaurants are obtainable at Aroma, so you can create your own extraordinary dishes right in your home. You’ll still find the brisket and flanken, in addition to a wider selection that will excite your creative senses.

No "Standard" Options, Only Choice Selections

Perhaps you need a standard package of ground meat for Sunday meatballs and spaghetti. At Aroma, you’ll find all the ordinary meats you need; but our meat is never standard, because every piece that makes it onto our shelves is of exceptional quality. So whether you’re cooking for kids or your in-laws, or a whole party of friends, Aroma can surpass your needs.

Full Service Butcher Shop

While our meat selection is outstanding, we also have a full lineup of specialty meats and poultry, including veal, lamb, chicken and duck. Our chickens are fresh, plump and tasty, and when you need a quick dinner, you can try some of our pre-marinated delicacies, including prepared skewers with vegetables.

What is Kosher?

There are several requirements that have to be met in order for meat to be considered kosher. The animal must be slaughtered with a precise method that ensures no suffering, the lungs must then be checked for any lesions, after which, the meat is soaked and salted to remove any traces of blood. The process of koshering meat is thorough, and our certifying agency verifies the stringency of our procedures, resulting in excellent quality and fully kosher meat for our customers. There are also only certain types of meat that are kosher, including beef, lamb and venison.

A Smile and a Good Word

Aroma Marketplace has the distinguished honor of being an upscale purveyor of the finest kosher meats. We opened our doors with a vision to provide outstanding products in a well laid out, clean, and fresh environment with exceptional customer service, and we have been fully committed to bringing this reality to our store every day. You’ll find the shopping experience at Aroma to be unmatched.

We service the gamut of kosher communities in South Florida, including Broward, Dade, Collier and Palm Beach Counties. Come and get to know us. Our butchers will greet you with a smile and an eagerness to please. We’re always here to help you make a decision and point you in the right direction.