Kosher Sushi

With kosher going gourmet in recent years, sushi has become de rigueur at upscale restaurants and take out shops. Kosher customers today expect a higher level of quality and a broader selection than when kosher dining meant bagels and lox, and sushi is a standard that defines fine kosher food. Plus, with the myriad of sushi options available, you can even choose lox and cream cheese for your maki roll!

Aroma's Kosher Sushi

At Aroma Market, we strive to bring you culinary excellence on every level. This means the most current products available to the kosher consumer, in a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, with outstanding customer service. Our expert sushi chefs use only the highest grade, freshest fish to create moist, clean tasting rolls of superior quality. Rice is cooked to ideal consistency, and blended with the proper balance of seasonings; fillings are chosen and carefully carved to fit precisely. All this to bring you the most delectable bites of sushi satisfaction.

What is Kosher Sushi

For decades, sushi was a gourmet food that kosher consumers could only admire from afar. However, sushi has exploded onto the kosher scene as savvy restaurateurs have made it kosher-accessible.

Most sushi rolls are made from a combination of fresh, uncooked fish, fresh vegetables and prepared sushi rice. Along with the proliferation of sushi among kosher establishments has come the penchant to invent unique and interesting combinations using other ingredients such as fruits, “crunchies,” and cooked vegetables.

Each ingredient used in the process must have kosher certification and must be prepared with a kosher process. The fish used must have both fins and scales and must be cut with a clean knife that has not cut non-kosher fish. All raw rice is kosher, but it must be cooked in a pot that has been used for strictly kosher foods. Fruits and vegetables must be cut with a clean knife that has only been used for kosher.

Many Types to Suit Many Tastes

Would you like some cream cheese with your salmon? Skip the bagel, get a roll. A sushi roll, that is. You can choose sushi rolls with only fish, only vegetables, or a combo. You can stick with your traditional California roll or go daring with mango, peanuts, or hot chili peppers. As long as it’s kosher, it can find its way into your sushi.

The most popular fish for sushi are salmon and tuna, but there are many other kosher species as well, such as yellow tail and whitefish.

Strictly Kosher

Aroma retains ORB kosher supervision to ensure that our sushi meets the strictest Kashruth requirements. Our supervisors check which fish come in, the knives are kept separate for sushi making only, and all other preparatory instruments such as steamers, pots, and peelers are used only for sushi preparation.

We're Here to Serve You

When your sushi craving hits, get yourself over to Aroma for complete satisfaction. Whether you’re in Broward, Dade, Fort Lauderdale or Miami, Aroma serves up the best sushi in South Florida.