It's Purim already and we have everything you need for the holiday, from pastries, to prepared foods and goodies for your Misloach Manot.

For the benefit of our non-Jewish friends, Purim is a festival that celebrates the Jewish people’s deliverance from the Persian Empire. According to the Book of Esther, Queen Esther of Persia saved the Jews from annihilation plotted by the evil Haman. This holiday celebration includes costumes, parades, acts of charity, and feasting. 

Food is a big part of Purim. It makes the celebration more festive, and plays a part in commemorating what the holiday is all about. The Purim meal is known as Seudat Purim, and Jews customarily serve food linked to the holiday’s history.

Mainstay Purim Treats:


This long, braided loaf of bread is one of the customary foods with links to the Purim history. You can bake challah with poppy or sesame seeds, raisins, candied fruit or sugar glaze. It symbolizes the rope used to hang Haman.


Similar to dumplings, these pasta dough squares have beef or chicken filling and folded into triangles. You can serve this as a side dish or boiled and served with soup. 

Aroma Kosher Market Kreplasch.jpg


These triangular pastries have traditional poppy seed fillings, but today’s versions also include chocolate, fruit preserves, and peanut butter. Its Hebrew name is “Oznai Haman,” meaning “Haman’s ears.” Along with kreplach, these pastries represent Haman’s three-cornered hat. 

You can find all of these pastries and more at Aroma Market. In fact, our Hamentashen are the most delicious in South Florida! We carry the main dishes, garnishes, and ingredients you need to prepare your Purim meals. View a complete list of the items we carry by checking out our departments and prepared foods sections.