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Aroma Market and Catering - Deli DepartmentWhat to cook today? Take a break from the kitchen and try our mouthwatering recipes, prepared with the best ingredients and by our great chefs you can count on us for lunch or dinner. Our menu varies every day and with all the homemade kosher appetizers, kosher soups, salads, and even Kosher Italian dishes you can be certain your meal will be a success.

We know you'll love our premium quality deli meats as much as we do. Whether building a sandwich, salad or special dish, the pure tastes of our deli meats will have everyone asking for more.

What makes Aroma Market's deli meats so special? These fresh, nutritious and delectable meats are low in fat and high in protein. All of our deli meats are hand-prepared using "Old-World" standards (No MSG, fillers or by-products).

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