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Butcher Shop

Aroma Market and Catering - Meat Department Do you have to pay more for service? Absolutely not! Aroma Market offers a truly special Kosher Butcher Shop-experience. Throughout the day, our butchers cut fresh steaks, trim and tie roasts, make fresh kabobs, and prepare stuffed chicken breasts. So no matter the time of day, there will always be a butcher on duty who will be happy to assist you.

Do you ever wonder why steaks served at fine steakhouses are tender and flavorful, while the steaks you buy at your local supermarket are tough and dry? Rest assured, it's not your cooking skills! To create an unforgettable steak dinner, you must start with the best beef you can buy. At Aroma Market, we select only premium beef that is aged to perfection and richly marbled with flavor.

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All Natural Chicken

For something quick and easy this weekend, why not try our Kabobs and Skewers? We've threaded cubes of our all natural chicken breasts along with fresh veggies onto skewers and marinate them for the ultimate chicken kabobs. And if you want all meat, be sure to try our Chicken Skewers. Succulent chicken thighs threaded onto skewers and marinated in teriyaki sauce.



Aroma Market and Catering - Wine Department Sophisticated gourmands know that a meal is never complete without with perfect wine. But you don’t have to be a wine enthusiast to appreciate the subtle benefits the proper red has to offer to complete your dinner. Fortunately, there are many kosher selections that are ranked at top levels, so kosher consumers can benefit from the best wines on the market.

Standard wine making techniques can be employed to make kosher wine, resulting in an abundance of superior wines available to kashrut observant wine drinkers. There are many boutique kosher wineries worldwide that produce excellent wines in all categories, even winning major awards; the taste is undetectable from any type of non-kosher wine. Kosher wineries today produce wines that are of superb quality, full-bodied and aromatic.



Aroma Market and Catering - Bakery DepartmentThere is nothing like the heavenly scent of fresh warm baked goods when you walk in a bakery.

There’s something special about the aroma of freshly baked breads. Something nostalgic. Something delicious. At Aroma Market, we know that our freshly baked breads are nothing short of extraordinary. Maybe its their crusty exterior, or the fact that we have over 11 varieties and then again, maybe it’s the fact that most of our breads are baked fresh daily in our stores.

The aroma of Artisan bread handcrafted by our bakers with the perfect selection of kosher ingredients, our homemade challahs, the sweetness innocence of our cookies, our scrumptious rugelach, and the flaky and rich bourekas.


Full Deli

Aroma Market and Catering - Deli DepartmentWhat to cook today? Take a break from the kitchen and try our mouthwatering recipes, prepared with the best ingredients and by our great chefs you can count on us for lunch or dinner. Our menu varies every day and with all the homemade kosher appetizers, kosher soups, salads, and even Kosher Italian dishes you can be certain your meal will be a success.

We know you'll love our premium quality deli meats as much as we do. Whether building a sandwich, salad or special dish, the pure tastes of our deli meats will have everyone asking for more.

What makes Aroma Market's deli meats so special? These fresh, nutritious and delectable meats are low in fat and high in protein. All of our deli meats are hand-prepared using "Old-World" standards (No MSG, fillers or by-products).



Aroma Market and Catering - Produce DepartmentFresh, fresh, fresh is our main goal. Our produce department is a natural work of art. We are very proud of the spectacular variety and freshness of our fruits and vegetables.

From crisp, green lettuce to vibrant red strawberries, you will always find the highest-quality fresh produce each and every time you walk through our front door. Aroma Market offers your favorite fruits and vegetables, as well as a wide variety of items that you won’t find elsewhere. With a growing organic selection, and hundreds of items to choose from, we are sure you will find just what you are looking for … and then some! Stop in today to see what a difference “fresh” makes.


Dairy and Cheeses

Aroma Market and Catering - Cheese Department
Aroma Market features a large Cheese Department, with cheeses imported from all over the world. With the largest selection of Kosher Cheese in South Florida, we offer an array of fine cheeses.

There is more than dairy to be had in the Aroma Market Cheese Department, such as dozens of store-made dips and spreads. Not to mention a large assortment of olives and crackers, and more.


Kosher Sushi

Kosher SushiWith kosher going gourmet in recent years, sushi has become de rigueur at upscale restaurants and take out shops. Kosher customers today expect a higher level of quality and a broader selection than when kosher dining meant bagels and lox, and sushi is a standard that defines fine kosher food. Plus, with the myriad of options often available, you can often choose lox and cream cheese for your roll.

Aroma’s Kosher Sushi

At Aroma Marketplace, we strive to bring you culinary excellence on every level. That means the most current products available to the kosher consumer, in a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, with outstanding customer service. Our expert sushi chefs use only the highest grade, freshest fish to create moist, clean tasting rolls of superior quality. Rice is cooked to ideal consistency and blended with the proper balance of seasonings; fillings are chosen and carefully carved to fit precisely. All this to bring you the most delectable bites of sushi satisfaction.

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